Our team is comprised of five scholars based in Canada and the Netherlands. Each team member brings significant, specialized, interdisciplinary experience working across the relevant fields of participatory mapping research and practice (Corbett and Ricker); development methodologies and impact studies (Cochrane and Ciza) and social and political theory (Butterfield). An interdisciplinary and international approach to this research will increase the feasibility of success, as well as the project-reach in regard to both the theory and practice of participatory mapping.


Meet our team

Mary Butterfield

Click here and start typing. Qui dolorem ipsum quia.

Logan Cochrane

 Associate Professor at HBKU (College of Public Policy), Assistant Professor at Carleton University (Global and International Studies) and Adjunct Professor at Hawassa University (Institute for Policy and Development Research).

Nicole Ciza

Masters student in Political Science with a specialization in African Studies at Carleton University.

Britta Ricker

Assistant Professor in the Environmental Science group in the Copernicus Institute for Sustainable Development at Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

A Social Sciences and Research Council of Canada Insight Grant
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